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Only the highest quality materials are used to manufacture our range of Roof Protect products. When using one of our products, you can rest assured that your roof is protected by the best.

Fibro Primer

Our selection of Roof Protect products cater to all types of roof and offer a superior finish.

Fibro Primer is manufactured using a very high adhesion promoted acrylic resin also with block-out properties. This product has a very high solids percentage resulting in a superior flat looking fibro roof.

  • Coverage for this product is approximately 5/6 square metres per litre. It is available in fifteen litre drums.
  • Fibro Primer has a very high solids percentage and can be washed up in water.
  • It is an environmentally friendly product.

Before applying this product the roof should be washed using a Roof Wash. Then hose down lightly and disconnect down pipes. DO NOT water blast roof. Finally apply a fungi kill product, let this dry and cover with Fibro Primer.

Application process

  1. Do not high pressure water blast roof
  2. Clean roof - apply a mould clean, leave for a minimum of three hours, wash roof using a low pressure water blast
  3. Apply 1 x coat of a mould kill and leave to dry (if there is excessive mould this must be wire brushed off)
  4. 1 x coat Roof Protect Fibro Primer
  5. 2 x coats Roof Protect Roof Membrane

What we do?

Formulate, test and develop, and manufacture the highest quality wholesale products to address all aspects of restoration and protection.


All formulations have been tested and every batch goes through the same procedure.

Test and

Prior to manufacture, all our products have been tested and developed over a two year period.

the product

We only use the highest quality paint materials and all batches are tested by laboratory staff to ensure the quality required is achieved.


We cater for all size roof and wall companies.

What do our customers think?

We offer the best products for roof restoration and protection and couldn't be happier that our customers think so too.

Dear Roof Protect, my husband and I are absolutely rapt with your product. There are a few homes with newly painted roofs in our street and ours looks the best by far. Once again, thank you.
Anne & Stuart Johnstone, Gold Coast

Thank you IRC, I am very happy with the result of my roof painted with your Roof Protect product.
Sam Cardie, Ipswich

Your paints are the best I’ve used. I have painted my own roof twice and the result using Roof Protect is far superior to the time before using a so-called reputable supplier in Brisbane. Highly recommend your products.
Peter Panamoa


View our frequently asked questions below.

What can I expect for my money?

Every Roof Protect product is manufactured with the highest quality materials and tested for quality assurance. So you can have complete confidence when using any of our products, that your roof is protected by the best.

Can I paint my roof myself or should I use a professional?

We advise that any roof restoration be undertaken by a professional for the following reasons:

  • It can be dangerous and requires the use of safety equipment and protective wear.
  • If not experienced it may be hard to detect issues that may prevent the effective application of Roof Protect solutions.
  • Experienced professionals can rectify issues on the spot, clean and prepare the roof, and deliver a quality restoration we can guarantee.

When is the best time of year to restore my roof?

Roof restoration can be undertaken any time of year. Whether you’re looking to restore your roof in summer, winter, or anytime in between, our Roof Protect solutions will deliver the highest quality finish.

How do you guarantee your products?

Our process of formulating, then testing and developing, ensures the quality of every Roof Protect product manufactured is of the highest possible standard. This is why we offer an extensive warranty with all of our Roof Protect products.

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