What does roof restoration cost? What should you look for on the quote?

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Your roof might be showing it’s age, looking a little worn and faded from years in the sun. Or you could have some roof leaks that are giving you a headache. In either case, a good quality roof restoration can solve your roof issues and completely modernise the look of your home. But how much does roof restoration cost?

The prices below are a guideline. They are based on average Australian cost statistics, but will vary depending on your roof, the area you live in and other factors listed below. We’ve broken down the costs into it’s component parts:


On the spot repairs can start from $250-$500 for simple repairs and will go up from there for more in depth roof repairs.

Tile roof repairs range from $50-$100 per metre. Metal roof repairs range from $60-$110 per metre, depending on your city.


This is generally priced per metre, starting at $27 per metre, up to $60 per metre for re-bedding to be included.


The bare minimum you would expect to pay for a roof restoration is $2,500 plus GST. Any less than this and you’ll just be getting a poor job. Most complete roof restorations cost between $4,000-$14,000. The higher end of the price range would include larger roofs and/or larger repairs. Other factors that affect the cost of a roof restoration would be the height of the roof, the pitch and the access to the roof. Once all these factors are taken into account, your roof restorer can work out your roof restoration cost.


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Your home is not only a haven for you and your family. It’s an investment in your future. Protect that future by keeping your roof in the best condition. Having your roof professionally restored will make it watertight & look ultra modern. Who doesn’t want the best looking house on the street?

Having your roof restored by one of Industrial Roof Coatings accredited applicators is the best thing you can do as we offer a 15 year warranty on our four coat system. This is a full 5 years longer than any other roof paint manufacturer in Australia. You will receive two free quotes for Sunshine Coast roof restoration from the best in the business in your area.

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fifteen year warranty

Industry Leading Product Warranty.

We offer the longest product warranty in Australia. Utilising our patented 4 coat system, we can offer an unprecedented warranty on our Roof Protect roof restoration system. Here’s what the four coat system includes:

This amazing 15 year product warranty is only available when you use on of our accredited applicators. Call us on 1300 241 858 to find an accredited applicator in your area.


What can I expect from a roof restoration?

Every Roof Protect product is manufactured with the highest quality materials. We test each batch for quality assurance. So you can have confidence that your roof is protected by the best.

When is the best time of year for a roof restoration?

Roof restoration can be undertaken any time of year. No matter the season, our Roof Protect solutions will deliver the highest quality finish. So call us for your solution.

Can I perform the roof painting myself or should I use a professional?

We recommend roof restoration to be undertaken by a professional. See the following reasons:

  • Roof restoration is dangerous. Working on the roof requires the use of safety equipment and protective wear.
  • Roof issues are difficult to detect if you’re not a professional. This can lead to ineffective application of Roof Protect solutions.
  • Experienced professionals rectify roofing issues on the spot. They then properly clean and prepare the roof prior to application.
  • Our professional team select the right product from our roof paint range, therefore giving you the best product for your roof.

We offer so much at IRC. Therefore, call us today for a free quote.

How much does roof restoration cost?

There are several factors to weigh up before being able to work out your roof restoration cost. For more information, request a personalised quote using the form at the top of the page.

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