fibro primer

Roof Protect Fibro Primer is manufactured using a very high adhesion promoted by acrylic resin with amazing blockout properties. This product has a very high solids percentage which gives the fibro roof an extremely flat roof. We recommend this product if your are trying to seal and protect an old asbestos roof from flaking and distributing asbestos into the atmosphere.

Designed For Use On: Fibro & Asbestos cement roofs

Coverage: The coverage is approximately six square metres per litre. It’s available in 15 litre drums.

Clean up: Fibro Primer has a very high solids percentage and cam easily be washed up in water.

Over 30,000+ custom colour solutions are also readily available, just give us a call to discuss your needs.


  • 66um micron thickness
  • Huge coverage per litre
  • Easy cleanup with water
  • Do not apply when raining


  • 15 year approved applicator guarantee
  • UV Protection
  • High dirt and stain resistance
  • Available in more than 10,000 colours
  • 100% Australian made


  1. Do not high pressure water blast roof
  2. Apply anti-mould Sodium Hyper Chloride and leave for a minimum of 3 hours
  3. Apply 1 x coat of mould kill product and leave to dry
    1. If there is excessive mould it needs to be removed according to your local council regulations
  4. Apply 1 x coat of Roof Protect Fibro Primer
  5. Apply 2 x coats of Roof Protect Roof Membrane

*PLEASE NOTE, our suggested application process is a guideline ONLY. Please contact your local council representative for instructions on staying within the public & workplace health & safety regulations.