Roof Protect Thermal Heat Reflective is manufactured using a 100% pure acrylic emulsion with a high surface tension (TG). This results in an amazingly glossy finish for your roof restoration. The roof will also remain cleaner for a longer period of time.

The reflectivity of this product can help reflect up to 92% of ultraviolet & infra-red rays.

We can mix your roof membrane to match over 30,000+ unique colours. We can colour match from a sample or a pain chip. Custom colour solutions are also readily available, just give us a call to discuss your needs.


  • Can be applied to all roofing materials
  • Excellent for use on commercial buildings such as:
    • Schools
    • Shopping Centres / Supermarktes
    • Petrol Stations
    • Air-conditioned Factories / Warehouses
    • Single & Double Storey Office Buildings
  • Aids in keeping cooling costs down & provides extra protection against the harshness of the sun
  • A 15 year product warranty against peeling & cracking when applied by an accredited applicator


  • The coverage of this product is approximately 5 square metres per litre. It’s available in 15 litre drums
  • Thermal Heat Reflective has a high solid count & high coverage
  • Environmentally friendly with low VOC
  • Easily washed up in water
  • Safe to collect rain water from the roof after the first wash or rain fall
  • Colours recommended are whites and light pastels to obtain the highest reflective results



  1. High pressure water blast to clean the roof (Pre-painted roofs must not have paint lifting or peeling)
  2. Replace broken or cracked tiles and ridge caps
  3. Re-bed & re-point if necessary
  4. Apply 1 x coat of Roof Protect Concrete Tile Primer
  5. Apply 2 x coats of Roof Protect Thermal Heat Reflective


  1. High water pressure blast to clean roof
  2. Check for rust. Bubbling rust must be removed
  3. If the roof has surface rust, apply 1 x coat of Roof Protect Rust Inhibitor
  4. If there is no rust, apply 1 x coat of Roof Protect Metal Primer
  5. Apply 2 x coats of Roof Protect Thermal Heat Reflective