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Among all countries in the world, roofs in Australia receive some of the highest UV radiation. Combine this with the extreme Adelaide weather, and what we have are roofs most prone to damage. The best way to protect your roof is to seek expert Adelaide roof restoration advice from Industrial Roof Coatings.

Poor maintenance is one of the reasons why roofs degrade over time. What you’d need is the highest quality of materials that are tested for quality assurance. Your roof will not only be more protected, but will also be more fortified. Besides, Adelaide roof restoration services are necessary to make your roof as good as new.

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Harsh elements can damage your roof paint coatings. What you would need is to give it a more stylish look while at the same time add an extra layer of protection. You can freely choose from a vast range of colours we have in stock. To have them applied to your roof, we have our professional roof painters to do the job. As IRC accredited roof painters, we make sure that your roof is properly and thoroughly coated.

Excellent Roof Restoration Service in Adelaide

You will need roof repairs as soon as your roof gets damaged. Nothing will work if you just applied patches of wood over it to avoid leaks. Our Adelaide roof restoration experts make sure that you have a roof that is free from leaks, rusts, and broken tiles.

For over 40 years, Industrial Roof Coatings has been offering high-quality products and services all across the continent. Based on the Gold Coast, we are growing nationwide to serve you better. Each member of our team comes from a strong background in the industry. Likewise, our products are manufactured with the highest quality. You are assured that of high quality Adelaide roof restoration, roof painting and roof repair services.

About Adelaide

Being the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide is the fifth most populous city in Australia. It is home to over 1.3 million residents. Adelaide is a planned city arranged in a grid, with squares and parks at its centre. In the 1970s, bricks were the most popular material used to build houses. Roofs are often made with corrugated steel or clay tiles. Recently, cement tiles and other types of steel has also become popular.

Industrial Roof Coatings to restore your roof and make it as good as new

At Industrial Roof Coatings, we keep a high standard of service. You are assured that our licenced roof painters and restorers will keep your roof leak-free and stylish. That is why we offer our best quality roof painting and roof repairs not only in Adelaide but also across the continent. Contact us today for professional Adelaide roofing services. Email [email protected] or call 1300 241 858 or 0437 564 739 for your enquiries.


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Step 1: Installation Of Safety Equipment

We install temporary edge protection or safety harnesses to make sure we can work safely
roof repairs

Step 2: Roof Repairs

We carry out any necessary roof repairs like ridge cap repointing to make sure the roof is ready for cleaning and painting
roof cleaning

Step 3: Roof Cleaning

Next we clean the roof using high pressure water blasters. This removes any built up dirt and moss
roof restorations

Step 4: Primer & Sealer

A coat of primer/sealer is now applied to the roof to allow time for it to soak into the porous tile. For metal roofs we apply Metal Primer Plus
roof painting

Step 5: Roof Protect Membrane

Two thick coats of Roof Protect roof membrane are applied in a colour of your choice
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Step 6: Clear Glaze Coating

We can then apply an optional coat of Nano Glaze on top to make the roof look extra glossy
fifteen year warranty

Industry Leading Product Warranty.

We offer the longest product warranty in Australia. Utilising our patented 4 coat system, we can offer an unprecedented warranty on our Roof Protect roof restoration system. Here’s what the four coat system includes:

This amazing 15 year product warranty is only available when you use on of our accredited applicators. Call us on 1300 241 858 to find an accredited applicator in your area.