To Find An Accredited Applicator

Our Accredited Applicators:

  • Are reliable & professional
  • Have their own warranties on workmanship
  • Carry their own Public Liability insurance

To Become An Accredited Applicator

Applicators » accredited applicators
Applicators » accredited applicators

Why Choose an IRC Accredited Applicator?

Becoming an Accredited Applicator for Industrial Roof Coatings is by invitation only. Our high standard for entry means that our hand-picked roof restorers are people you can trust. It’s no wonder IRC has the best Applicators in your area.

Every Accredited Applicator:

  • Is trusted by IRC to represent our brand. 
  • Recommends and uses the IRC range of products.
  • Offers their own workmanship warranty on their projects. (Subject to their terms & conditions)

This gives you confidence that your IRC Accredited Applicator will deliver the best job using the best paint on the Australian market.


IRC Accredited Applicators have access to a range of special services and pricing. If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Applicator please apply above. We will contact you to discuss a proposed working relationship. 

Workmanship Warranty

Our products come with an industry leading Warranty. 

We offer a market leading 20-year product Warranty on our 20-Year Roof Protect Roof Membrane.

We also offer a 15-year product Warranty with our applicable 3-coat system. 

The Warranty is valid when applied by an Accredited Applicator in accordance with one of the three application processes outlined below:  Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Industrial Roof Coating’s Accredited Applicators offer their own workmanship warranty. We have one of the best Warranties on offer!

The benefits of the Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies under Australian applicable law.

Any rights or disputes arising from the Warranty are personal to the Accredited Applicator and Customer.

Ask your Accredited Applicator to see their Workmanship Warranty.

qualified roof painter

Platinum Warranty

Australia’s only 20-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

This warranty is suitable for tiled roofs.

UV Stabilised membrane

Exclusive 20-year Roof Membrane Formulation.

Superior Smooth Surface for tiled roofs.

Australian Designed, Manufactured and Owned.

To receive this warranty, you will need to have the following coating process:

1x coat of Roof Protect Platinum Primer

2x coats of 20-Year Roof Protect Roof Membrane

Gold Warranty

The traditional three-coat system, with an industry competitive 15-year warranty on our Gold Roof Protect roof restoration system.

This warranty is suitable for tiled roofs.

Here’s what the three-coat system includes:

1x coat of a Roof Protect Primer

2x coats of Roof Protect Roof Membrane

Silver Warranty

The three-coat system offers a 12 year warranty on our Silver Roof Protect roof restoration system.

This is the warranty is suitable for metal and tiled roofs.

Here’s what the three-coat system includes:

1x coat of Roof Protect Primer

2x coats of Roof Protect Roof Membrane