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Our FAQ page will answer all of your roofing questions and concerns. Check out some of our most recent FAQ’s below;

Every Roof Protect product is manufactured with the highest quality materials and tested for quality assurance. So you can expect the best quality from your roof paint.

Depending on your local climate, Roof Restoration can be undertaken most times of the year, with mild conditions preferred. Our Roof Protect range will deliver the highest quality finish. When would you like to start?

We recommend roof restoration to be undertaken by a professional.

See the following reasons:

  • Roof restoration is dangerous. Working on the roof requires the use of safety equipment and protective wear.
  • Roof issues are difficult to detect if you’re not a professional. This can lead to ineffective application of Roof Protect solutions.
  • Experienced professionals rectify roofing issues on the spot. They then properly clean and prepare the roof prior to application.
  • Our professional team are qualified to select the right product from our Roof Protect Roof Membrane paint range, giving you the best product for your roof.

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Our process of formulating, testing and developing ensures the quality of every Roof Protect Roof Membrane product.
The product warranty is provided by Industrial Roof Coatings, the manufacturer of Roof Protect, that the product will perform as expected for a certain period after it is applied to the roof. The warranty period for each product you will find listed on the product page. 
Typically, an Industrial Roof Coatings product warranty will cover defects in the product, such as premature cracking or peeling, as well as the failure of the product to adhere correctly to the roof surface. However, the warranty may not cover damage or problems caused by external factors, such as storm damage, improper installation, animal or chemical damage, post-restoration building works or neglect. Previously painted roofs cannot be covered by warranty as Roof Protect would be adhering to other paint rather than the roof surface.
To qualify for the warranty, the product must be applied according to Industrial Roof Coatings’ instructions and by a qualified professional. The warranty may also require periodic inspections and maintenance to ensure the product performs as expected.
Suppose an issue arises with the Roof Protect during the warranty period. In that case, Industrial Roof Coatings will typically provide a remedy, which may include repair or replacement of the product up to the original purchase price. It’s essential to read and understand the terms of the warranty before purchasing a roof restoration product to ensure that you know what is covered and what is not.

Wall Protect products can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun. Try our products, it’s as easy as a phone call or an online order.

Wall Protect has one of the best finishes on the market. Accidental stains are easily washed away, providing a premium finish. 

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Compared to other top rating roof paint manufacturers, our product uses more solids in it’s formulation. The result is a thicker paint that provides better coverage, saves you time and gives a glossier finish! This really makes our roof paint different.

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