Privacy Policy

Industrial Roof Coatings Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Safeguarding Your Privacy

At Industrial Roof Coatings, we understand the importance of protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. This document outlines how we handle your personal information while respecting your privacy.

Who We Are

When we refer to ‘Industrial Roof Coatings,’ ‘we,’ or ‘us,’ we mean Industrial Roof Coatings Pty Ltd and its affiliated companies.

How We Collect and Secure Personal Information

The types of personal information we collect depend on the products or services we provide and what you share with us. This information may include:

  • Information you have provided.
  • Information you provide when requesting a product or service from us, including account applications, warranty applications or further agreements.
  • Records of our communications, whether by phone, email, or online.
  • If you’ve used one of our products, we may ask for feedback through surveys.

This information may include your name, address, contact numbers, email address, bank, and/or credit card details, business details, including home address and/or business addresses.

You’re not always required to provide personal information, but not doing so may affect our ability to fulfil your requests. In certain situations, we may be legally obligated to collect specific personal information, and if that’s the case, we’ll inform you.

We usually collect personal information directly from you, but we may also obtain it from other sources, such as our affiliated companies, your representatives (like legal or financial advisors), and publicly available sources.

What We Do with Your Personal Information

We collect, use, and disclose personal information for various purposes:

  • To run our business.
  • To provide and personalise our products and services.
  • To identify and communicate with our customers.
  • To inform customers about other products and services that may interest them.
  • To assess and improve our product and service quality.
  • To protect our legitimate interests.
  • To address customer inquiries and concerns.
  • To assist in managing transactions with customers, suppliers, consumers, and other contacts.


One or more entities within Industrial Roof Coatings may contact you periodically through phone, mail, email, or other means to provide information about our products and services or follow up on your interest in specific offerings, unless you instruct us otherwise or legal restrictions apply.

We may exchange information with other Industrial Roof Coatings entities and service providers, including printing service providers, accountants, auditors, lawyers, credit reporting and collection agencies, as well as providers of archival, banking, payment, data processing, data analysis, information brokering, research, investigation, website, and technology services.

In corporate transactions involving the transfer of assets (including debts) or business restructuring, we may disclose your personal information. Additionally, we may be required or authorized by law to disclose your personal information, such as responding to a court subpoena or sharing information with the ATO. We may also share information with other parties when you’ve provided consent.

Some third parties to whom we disclose personal information may be in various countries, including New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, the United States of America, and across the European Union. These entities are generally bound by confidentiality or privacy obligations, but they may not always adhere to Australian privacy laws.

How We Protect Your Personal Information

We maintain personal information in electronic and hard copy formats. We take reasonable steps to protect it from loss, unauthorized access, misuse, or alteration. These steps include access control for our premises, confidentiality obligations for our employees and service providers, and security measures for computer system access.

Once your personal information is no longer needed for its original purposes, we will, subject to legal obligations and responsibilities, take reasonable steps to either delete it or de-identify it.

Your Privacy on Our Websites

This privacy policy also covers our websites, such as We use ‘cookies’ on our websites for data collection, but you can modify your web browser settings to control them. Cookies are small files that websites use to store information on your computer, but they can’t perform other actions on your computer.

When you visit our websites, we may collect information like your IP address, visit date and time, pages viewed, referring URL, browser type, and any information you voluntarily provide, such as survey responses, your name, and email address.

While we take precautions to secure the information you provide on our websites, please be aware that the internet is not entirely secure. If you plan to send us personal information through our websites, consider the security risks, especially if encryption is not used (e.g., regular email). We are required by law to protect information once it’s in our possession.

You may access external websites by clicking on links we provide. These other websites have their privacy policies, and we have no control over their practices or content. Please review their privacy policies directly to understand their standards, policies, and procedures.

Credit Information

If we collect credit information about you, such as credit history, we adhere to legal requirements and protect your privacy. This may include details like your name, address, employment information, credit history, and any debts you may have.

We may obtain this information from credit reporting agencies and use it for purposes like credit checks, managing credit you’ve requested, debt collection, and other business needs.

You have rights regarding your credit information. You can request that credit reporting agencies:

  • Do not use your credit information to determine if you should receive marketing materials from credit providers.
  • Do not use or share your credit information if you’re a victim of fraud.

For more information on your rights and how we handle credit information, please see other sections of this policy. There may also be additional rules for credit-related services, so please review those as well.

Your Rights with Your Information

We strive to maintain the accuracy, completeness, and currency of the personal information we hold about you. If you notice errors or need to update your information, such as your name or address, please contact us promptly. We will occasionally email out for updates of information, and this can be done at any time through our Updates Form.

You have the right to access the personal information we have about you, with some legal exceptions. To obtain details about your personal information or request updates or corrections, please contact us. We may ask you to complete a request form, and a reasonable time-related fee may apply for extensive or outdated information.

If your personal information held by us is incorrect, incomplete, or outdated, we will make the necessary amendments upon your request. If we cannot or choose not to make the changes you request, we will provide an explanation. If you disagree with our decision, you can ask us to include a note in your file explaining your perspective.

You can also request that we stop using your personal information to contact you about our products and services. If you have questions about how we use and manage your information or if you believe we’ve violated privacy regulations and want to make a complaint, please contact us. We will endeavour to promptly address and resolve your complaint. For additional information about privacy matters or if your complaint remains unresolved, you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at or call them at 1300 363 992.

How To Contact Us

Please visit the Contact Us page of this website. You can also contact our Privacy Officer via