Roofing Supplies


Westflex Star Point
Selleys Point Works Adhesive
Pavan Trowel


Wakaflex Flexible Flashing
Wet Shield
SikaSeal Translucent Roof and Gutter
Vaporseal Roofing Tape

Brushes and Rollers

Uni-Pro Walls and Ceilings Paint Roller
Baxta Sash Cutter Paint Brush 50mm
Uni-Pro Masonry Roller Cover
Uni-Pro Jumbo Paint Roller 100mm
Uni-Pro 75mm Easy Cutter Paint Brush


Sky Light
Windmaster Natural Ventilator
Bremick Hex Roofing Screw
Safety Link Harness Mount
Dektite Rubber Roof Flashing
Hytile Gutter Pro
Fasco Tile Cutter


Uni-Pro Plastic Drum Opener
Non Slip Bucket Base
Uni-Pro Heavy Duty Metal Paint Mixer
Uni-Pro Uni-Mask Plastic Drop Sheets

Masking Tape & Paper

Signet’s Own PVC Duct Tape
Uni-Pro Washi Blue Masking Tape
Uni-Pro X-Treme Green Masking Tape
Pre-Taped Masking Paper Dispenser
Uni-Pro Masking Paper


Wagner Vector Spray Gun