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  • 15 Year Product Warranty

  • Thickest Roof Paint On The Market

  • Over 10,000 Colour Options

  • Fully Accredited & Insured Applicators

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Your roof is your primary protection against harsh weather conditions. A roof that is made from high-quality materials and well maintained can keep you and your family safe and secure. Keeping your roof in perfect condition is easy when you have a reliable roof repair company in your area. With Cairns roof painting and roof restoration services, you get to enjoy durable roofing for years and years to come.

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Your roof acts as your home’s protection against different elements such as the harsh heat of the sun, rain, snow, hail, wind or just about anything outside your house. In as much as it protects you, it is also vulnerable to harsh external elements every single day of the year. When not maintained properly, your roof can amass different kinds of damages such as holes, cracks, damaged or missing shingles, and dilapidation. This will result in poor ventilation and insulation, leaks and the growth of mould and fungi which can compromise your family’s health and safety.

Roof restoration is one of the many ways that you can maintain your roof. Cairns roof restoration is the process of maintaining and keeping your roof in top condition through re-painting, re-coating, cleaning, and repairing damages. It is necessary to perform roof restoration, especially during small damages to avoid unnecessary major repairs that will cost you a fortune.

Quality roof painting in Cairns

Aside from aesthetic purposes, your roof painting adds additional protection to your home as well. Different kinds of roof materials warrant certain kinds of roof paint. High-quality roof paint can protect your home from the growth of moss, accumulation of dirt, harmful UV rays of the sun, and from adverse weather elements.

As a company with the highest quality roofing products, we at Industrial Roof Coatings make sure that your roof is as sturdy and reliable as our reputation. For a 30 years, our products have been tested and fine-tuned to perfection that we only offer the best products for your roof to date.  Not only do we offer the best products, but we also offer accredited applicators and offer a 15-year warranty. We offer roof cleaning, roof repair, sealing, coating, and painting. Our revolutionary 4-coat paint system includes:

  • 1 x coat of Roof Protect High Build Primer / Sealer
  • 2 x coats of Roof Protect Roofing Membrane
  • 1 x coat of Nano Protect Clear Glaze

About Cairns

If you live in the beautiful and tropical suburbs of Cairns, you most likely experience a tropical monsoon climate all throughout the year. You will be pleased to know that Industrial Roof Coatings do roof restoration services in your area.

For any of your roof restoration concerns, contact us immediately via [email protected] or call 1300 241 858 or 0437 564 739 during office hours.


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Step 1: Installation Of Safety Equipment

We install temporary edge protection or safety harnesses to make sure we can work safely
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Step 2: Roof Repairs

We carry out any necessary roof repairs like ridge cap repointing to make sure the roof is ready for cleaning and painting
roof cleaning

Step 3: Roof Cleaning

Next we clean the roof using high pressure water blasters. This removes any built up dirt and moss
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Step 4: Primer & Sealer

A coat of primer/sealer is now applied to the roof to allow time for it to soak into the porous tile. For metal roofs we apply Metal Primer Plus
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Step 5: Roof Protect Membrane

Two thick coats of Roof Protect roof membrane are applied in a colour of your choice
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Step 6: Clear Glaze Coating

We can then apply an optional coat of Nano Glaze on top to make the roof look extra glossy
fifteen year warranty

Industry Leading Product Warranty.

We offer the longest product warranty in Australia. Utilising our patented 4 coat system, we can offer an unprecedented warranty on our Roof Protect roof restoration system. Here’s what the four coat system includes:

This amazing 15 year product warranty is only available when you use on of our accredited applicators. Call us on 1300 241 858 to find an accredited applicator in your area.