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gold coast roof restoration



The unforgiving Tasmanian climate really takes a toll on your roof. It is so difficult to see minor cracks that could eventually lead to larger issues. Therefore, the best way to ensure the safety or your roof is to ask for expert advice from the most experienced Hobart roof restoration team at IRC. 

So ask us for your Hobart Roof Restoration today, and we will help you.

hobart roof restoration


Hobart is known for its breathtaking views and wildlife. Therefore, you want to ensure your house doesn’t stick out like an ugly sore thumb. We use high-quality materials that are applied by our expert roof painters and restorers. IRC will ensure that your roof will look the part and withstand our Australian climate for much longer. So its really a no brainer to use our services.

The main concern in Australia, is that our roof colour can fade over time and look as beaten as our country roads at times. So why not give your roof some needed attention with a fresh new colour of roof paint? We offer a variety of paint colours for you to choose from. Therefore, you will find a colour that best fits your desired style.

Industrial Roof Coatings has been providing high-quality products and services for over 40 years. With our ever-growing experience in roofing, we are expanding our services all across Australia. Our expert roof painters and restorers have a thorough knowledge in the industry. They are highly skilled in providing you with the best Hobart roof restoration services. So check out our Facebook page to see our recent roof restorations.

Why trust Industrial Roof Coatings?

Industrial Roof Coatings upholds our excellent standard that has been trusted by Australians for over 40 years. Our expert roof painters and restorers are knowledgeable and highly skilled. So contact us now to discuss your roofing issues or questions. Email at irc@industrialroofcoatings.com.au or call us at 1300 241 858 or 0437 564 739.


safe roof repairs

Step 1: Installation Of Safety Equipment

We install temporary edge protection or safety harnesses to make sure we can work safely

roof repairs

Step 2: Roof Repairs

We carry out any necessary roof repairs like ridge cap repointing to make sure the roof is ready for cleaning and painting
roof cleaning

Step 3: Roof Cleaning

Next we clean the roof using high pressure water blasters. This removes any built up dirt and moss
roof restorations

Step 4: Primer & Sealer

A coat of primer/sealer is now applied to the roof to allow time for it to soak into the porous tile. For metal roofs we apply Metal Primer Plus
roof painting

Step 5: Roof Protect Membrane

Two thick coats of Roof Protect roof membrane are applied in a colour of your choice
roof painters

Step 6: Clear Glaze Coating

We can then apply an optional coat of Nano Glaze on top to make the roof look extra glossy
fifteen year warranty

Industry Leading Product Warranty.

We offer the longest product warranty in Australia. Utilising our patented 4 coat system, we can offer an unprecedented warranty on our Roof Protect roof restoration system. Here’s what the four coat system includes:

This amazing 15 year product warranty is only available when you use on of our accredited applicators. Call us on 1300 241 858 to find an accredited applicator in your area.