Second Hand Roof Tiles Gold Coast

Second Hand Roof Tile Gold Coast

IRC Second Hand Roof Tiles Gold Coast

Industrial Roof Coatings supply second hand roof tiles Gold Coast. It’s hard enough to find a matching tile for your roof, let alone installing it yourself! So take the difficulty out of this task and get our amazing Gold Coast team to do it for you!

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Many things can affect the safety and integrity of your roof. Bad weather conditions and branches falling on your roof means that you might need some spare roof tiles on site. We recommend always having 20-30 roof tiles available as spares, so that you’re always prepared to keep your home safe. Our team of professionals are the best at checking over your roof and matching the correct roof tile to your existing tiles. So it’s easy to trust us at IRC.

The Gold Coast has a few roofing companies, but IRC stands out because we provide all roofing services plus sourcing the best second hand roof tiles!

Tile Profile

When considering getting a replacement tile for your roof or possibly a few spare tiles to keep on site, tile profile is important. You have to correctly match the roof tile profile when replacing roof tiles, as their unique shape is what keeps your roof water tight. Don’t try matching your tile by yourself, as you may end up with a weak spot on your roof. Therefore, ask for second hand roof tiles Gold Coast from IRC! We can find the right fit for you.

Tile Colour

Colour matching is tricky, especially due to the varied roof ages and conditions. Your existing tiles could be sun bleached, discoloured or stained. So getting a professional to properly match extra tiles to your existing tiles is the best option. Second hand roof tiles make this process easier, as they also are a little weathered and will match your roof better. We can ease your trouble by colour matching for you. So get our professionals around today to inspect your roof.

Our Gold Coast Range

Industrial Roof Coatings on the Gold Coast supplies a massive range of second hand roof tiles. Our team is ready to inspect your roof and properly match your existing tiles to a best second hand tiles we have on offer. Also, our inspections are free. How amazing is that! IRC’s second hand roof tiles Gold Coast are the best.

We highly recommend having at least 20-30 roof tiles, at any given time. You want your home to be safe at all times, and ensure your roof always has back ups is definitely the smart choice. So don’t wait, call us now for a free quote.

  • Boral
  • Monier
  • Wunderlich
  • Yeoman
  • Besser
  • Roman
  • LGS
  • Elabana
  • Hacienda
  • Windsor
  • Atlas
  • Colour
  • Alice Olga
  • iTile
  • Anzat
  • Bolaro
  • A Line
  • SBT
  • Horizon
  • Chateau
  • Centurian
  • Continental
  • Jay
  • Traditional
  • Reliance
  • Maitland
  • Montoro
  • Nullabor

If it’s a Boral tile, Monier, or whatever tile you need, we can source all types of tiles. So IRC is the right choice. Check out our other services.

What Else?

Want something else than Second Hand Roof Tiles Gold Coast? Whatever the task, we can help you achieve an amazing transformation for your roof. With our giant range of colours and roof coatings options, you can’t go wrong. Industrial Roof Coatings has been a leading force in the roof paint market for many years.

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