Second Hand Roof Tiles

Second Hand Roof Tile

IRC Second Hand Roof Tiles

Industrial Roof Coatings supply a huge range of second hand roof tiles. Do you need some spare tiles? Possible some tiles replaced? Has it been difficult to find the right matching tile?

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There are many things that can affect the integrity of your roof. Harsh Australian weather conditions, branches and other items falling on the roof and untrained tradesmen walking on the roof. To ensure your roof is water tight, your roof tiles must be in good condition. We have trained roofing professionals that understand the roofs structure. They can check over your roof for needed repairs or replacements and match the correct roof tile. So call us today for a free inspection.

At any given time, we recommend having at least 20-30 spare roof tiles on site. This way you can always be ready to secure your roof.

Roof Tile Profile

To ensure that your roof is water tight, you need to correctly match the roof tile profile to the existing roof tiles. Our team of trained professionals can correctly match the tile profile and source spare tiles for your roof. 

Is the correct tile profile important? Yes. It is important to correctly match the roof tile profile when replacing tiles on your roof, as the unique design of each tile fits in to keep your roof water tight. If you try matching a tile on colour alone, you may end up with a colour-matched weak spot on your roof. Therefore, ask us for a free inspection of your roof today. We will correctly match your roof tile profile for spare tiles. 

Roof Tile Colour

Colour matching roof tiles to existing roof tiles is tricky business. Even if your existing roof tiles are only a couple years old, it can still be tricky. This is why second hand roof tiles can often be the best solution, especially since we have a huge range to choose from.

Is the correct colour important? Yes and no. We can colour match your roof tile, but due to the age of your existing tiles, you may find varied colours. The amazing thing about our service is that colour matching and solving abilities is one of our many strengths. So get our professional opinion today!

Our Range

Industrial Roof Coatings carry a huge range of second hand roof tiles available. We can provide a free inspection to ensure that we get the right roof tile profile and colour match as close as possible to your existing roof tiles. 

We recommend always having 20-30 roof tiles on site at any given time. This will ensure that you are keeping your roof and home safe by having spares available. We can source the right tile for you, so just give us a call to see how easy it is. 

  • Boral
  • Monier
  • Wunderlich
  • Yeoman
  • Besser
  • Roman
  • LGS
  • Elabana
  • Hacienda
  • Windsor
  • Atlas
  • Colour
  • Alice Olga
  • iTile
  • Anzat
  • Bolaro
  • A Line
  • SBT
  • Horizon
  • Chateau
  • Centurian
  • Continental
  • Jay
  • Traditional
  • Reliance
  • Maitland
  • Montoro
  • Nullabor

Whatever tile you need, we can source it. So trust in IRC today, and call us for a free quote.

What Else?

Whatever the task, we can help you achieve an amazing transformation for your roof. With our giant range of colours and roof coatings options, you can’t go wrong. Industrial Roof Coatings has been a leading force in the roof paint market for many years.

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