Second Hand Wunderlich Roof Tiles

Second hand wunderlich roof tiles

IRC Second Hand Wunderlich Roof Tiles

Industrial Roof Coatings have a great range of second hand Wunderlich roof tiles. We can supply whatever amount of tiles you need, at fantastic prices.

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Australia has some harsh conditions, that really takes a toll on our roofs. Having a good supply of spare tiles, is a very good idea. We recommend always having a supply of about 20-30 on hand. Second hand Wunderlich roof tiles is a great option, instead of new tiles, as it is easier to match the colour with second hand tiles. 

Our team at IRC can check your roof, and find the right profile and colour in our Wunderlich roof tile range. So choosing us is the best thing you can do.

Wunderlich Terracotta Tiles

Wunderlich tiles are perfectly timeless, natural and beautiful. Practical but beautiful, classic yet contemporary, fashionable but enduring, Wunderlich’s extensive range offers a selection of shapes, or profiles, whose designs have been adapted from and influenced by a variety of modern and cultural sources. There is also an impressive range of natural colours and finishes to complement any design.

If you have the beautiful Wunderlich tiles on your roof, and you need some more, we can help. From just 1, to a whole crate, we can accommodate. So ask us about our beautiful second hand Wunderlich roof tile range.

Wunderlich Roof Tile Profile

It is important to match get the correct roof tile profile. This unique tile shape fits in to each other in a specific way to protect the roof from water entry. So getting this right is top priority, and should be done by a professional. Our second hand Wunderlich roof tiles range is vast, so you can rest assured that we will find the right fit for you.

Wunderlich Roof Tile Colour

Our Wunderlich roof tile range is big enough that we can find the right colour for you. Choosing the right colour yourself can be difficult though, as your existing tiles may be worn or discoloured. Therefore choosing second hand Wunderlich roof tiles is a fantastic choice, as it is much easier to match colours to your existing roof tiles. Wunderlich is a wonderful tile, so we know you’ve already chosen right for your roof.  

Our Wunderlich Range

Check out our second hand Wunderlich roof tiles range. Our IRC team of roofers can inspect your roof, and recommend the right colour and profile tile for your roof.

Our second hand Wunderlich roof tiles;

  • Modern French
  • Nouveau
  • Tudor

We source the best second hand tiles. So contact us today, at Industrial Roof Coatings.

What Else?

Whatever the task, we can help you achieve an amazing transformation for your roof. With our giant range of colours and roof coatings options, you can’t go wrong. Industrial Roof Coatings has been a leading force in the roof paint market for many years.

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