What Makes Our Roof Paint Different?

Our aim when creating and formulating our Australian made product was to make a thicker, quality product that stands up under our harsh Australian weather conditions. Other products just didn’t quite deliver in this respect. We wanted to prove that it could be done and make our roof paint different.

Compared to other top rating roof paint manufacturers, our product uses more solids in it’s formulation. The result is a thicker paint that provides better coverage, saves you time and gives a glossier finish! This really makes our roof paint different.

  • Our Compounds

Industrial Roof Coatings makes the thickest roof paint in Australia with the best coverage. Our stringent manufacturing process gives you the best product you can buy today, making it head and shoulders above the rest.

Roof Protect Concrete Tiled Primer (High Build CT) is manufactured using a 100% acrylic emulsion for maximum adhesion. These properties create a solid barrier, disabling any absorption of calcium salts from the concrete tile. Our CT primer helps the roofing membrane hold its gloss and colour for far longer than most concrete primers on the market today!

Roof Protect Roof Membrane is manufactured using a 100% acrylic emulsion with a higher than normal surface tension (TG). This gives the roof paint a higher gloss and longer gloss retention. Our roof membrane is environmentally friendly and has a low VOC. It can be washed using water and it is even safe to collect water from the roof after the first wash or first rainfall.

Roof Protect Clear Glaze is manufactured using a high surface tension (TG) 100% acrylic emulsion. It’s used as a 4th and final coat to the roof and forms part of our 4 coat system. Clear Glaze greatly increases the density & dirt resistance to a roof and will enable the roof to stay glossier and cleaner for many years. Completing your roof project with this 4th and final coat increases our 12 year warranty to an incredible 15 years.

We consistently invest in new technology and develop market leading products like our Roof Protect Roof Membrane that caters to both the professional and do-it-yourself consumer.

  • Our Warranty

We offer the longest product warranty on roof paint in Australia. Utilising our patented 4 coat system, we can offer an unprecedented warranty on our Roof Protect roof restoration system options.

Our process of formulating, then testing and developing, ensures the quality of every Roof Protect product manufactured is of the highest possible standard. This is why we offer an extensive 12 year warranty for our 3 coat Roof Protect system. We also offer a 15 year warranty for our 4 coat Roof Protect system. Both of these warranties are only available when you use one of our accredited applicators. Therefore, asking us to come out for a free quote just makes sense.

  • Our Range

We carry a huge range of colours in stock at all times, like many of our competitors do of course. The difference that we pride ourselves on, is that we can also custom mix our Roof Protect Roof Membrane to match any colour you would like!

Our available colour range is vast and very popular. The colours listed on our site are indicative only, as they vary depending on the device and screen you view them on. To solve this issue, we developed a fool proof system of providing you samples of your final selection in real colour to ensure your total satisfaction.

Also, If you have a colour sample, roof tile match or even paint flake, we can tint our Roof Protect membrane to match your project. Just send us a clear image or drop off a roof tile to our factory to be colour matched.

Custom colour solutions are readily available, just give us a call to discuss your needs.


What Else?

Whatever the task, we can help you achieve an amazing transformation for your roof. With our giant range of colours and roof coatings options, you can’t go wrong. Industrial Roof Coatings has been a leading force in the roof paint market for many years.

Call us on 1300 241 858 to find an accredited applicator in your area. Check out our homepage here.