Roof Restoration Robina

Roof Restoration Robina

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We share a lot of footage from our accredited applicators. You might be thinking “what is an accredited applicator?” “how do I become one?” “what are the benefits of being an accredited applicator?”

Our accredited applicators are customers who have gone to the next level. They’re not just buying our product, they are carrying out restorations in a way that guarantees their customers are covered under our warranty system.
They are restorers that have been fully certified by our company.

To become an accredited applicator is quite a simple process. Simply contact us and request to become one and we’ll send you the relevant documents.

The benefits;
– Your customers will be covered under our warranty which are the longest on offer at 12 years for a 3 coat system and 15 years for a 3 coat system!!
– We’ll be able to certify works completed with our products
– You’ll receive free marketing through social media posts.

Check out the video below to get an idea of what exposure your works will receive. 

Why Choose Roof Protect?

Our Roof Protect range is Australian manufactured, with locally sourced materials and comes in a wide range of available colours. We also provide colour matching services, if you want a more closely matched roof paint. Our range is one of the thickest paints on the market right now, which provides durability and a beautiful glossy finish. So you can trust Roof Protect. 

Check out more about our Industrial Roof Coatings Roof Protect membrane.

Thornlands is a coastal residential locality in the City of Redland, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Thornlands had a population of 14,694 people. The website Homely mentions: “Thornlands is the best suburb in Redlands. Close to everything you need. Lots of families with children. Parks, shops, schools, hospitals and even Cleveland train take you to the city. Little paradise on Earth!” This suburb is so fantastic with some beautiful homes, that it’s no wonder you want to keep your roof up to date and safe for your family. Choose our Roof Protect range, as it will provide the long lasting safety and beauty that you need and deserve.

Visit Industrial Roof Coatings homepage now, and get a free quote.

Want More Information?

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Do you still have more questions? Just give us call or get in touch here. IRC accredited application gives you the added benefit of a 15 year product warranty using our 3 coat system. Our roof paint can be supplied in over 10,000 colours to match your needs. So, talk to us today to see how we can improve your roof today!