rust inhibitor primer

Rust Inhibitor Primer is manufactured using an acrylic emulsion that promotes a very high adhesion. We have engineered this product to include several pigments with rust killing properties.

If the rust on the roof is bubbling this must be removed before painting, as the rust will still occur from the underside of the roof. Rust Inhibitor Primer is for surface rust only.

DESIGNED FOR USE ON: Rusted Colorbond, Zincalume & Galvanised Roofs

COVERAGE: The coverage is approximately six square metres per litre and can be purchased in 15 litres drums

CLEAN UP: This product has a very has a very high solid percentage and can be washed up with water

DRYING TIME: Dry to touch within 30 minutes. Hard dry in 4-5 days

Our high quality rust inhibitor can meant the difference between  being able to restore a roof instead of replacing it. This will save you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the heartache and trouble of a large renovation. No one would ever want to remove the roof from the house their living in, so don’t take the risk. Use our Rust Inhibitor Primer instead. Call today for a price on our amazing range of products and we can help find an accredited applicator in your area.


  1. High pressure water blast clean the roof surface
  2. Remove all bubbling rust
  3. If the roof has surface rust, apply 1 x coat of Roof Protect Rust Inhibitor
  4. Apply 2 x coats of Roof Protect Roof Membrane
  5. Optional 1 or 2 coats of Roof Protect Clear Glaze